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Controls may be tailored toward keyboard and mouse input or a game-controller. The controls listed below are the default controls in Life's Fall and may be changed by the player:

Name Primary Secondary
Movement WASD Arrow Keys
Look Around Mouse Analog Stick
Attack/Use Item Left Click None
Raise/Lower Weapon Y None
Zoom Right Click None
Reload Weapon R None
Jump Space None
Crouch Left Control Right Control
Run/Sprint Left Shift Right Shift
Interact F None
Open Dev-Console F9 None
Melee: Shove Q None
Melee: Kick E None
Survival Menu Tab None
Inventory I None
Clan Management P None
Quest Log J None
Character Menu K None
Crafting C None
Building B None
Open Map M None
Escape Menu Escape Backspace
In-Game Voice V None
Direct Chat U None
Rotate Object(90°) . >
Rotate Object(-90°) , <