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What is Life's Fall?

From the publisher: BUILD. CRAFT. HUNT. SURVIVE.

Life's Fall is a multiplayer survival game where players are challenged to survive the harsh African wilderness. Players must hunt for food, scavenge for supplies and build shelter to survive the cold nights and hot African days.

The breathtakingly picturesque wilderness of the game's setting is inspired by the great African wilderness and other locations. As the wealthy protagonist, now stranded without any means of ever getting home, you will:

  • Face the risks and challenges of wilderness survival which include factors such as the weather, biome, time of day and temperature, as well as players' calorie-intake, hydration, energy- and fitness- levels.
  • Explore a breathtaking, yet brutal wilderness as you search for gear, supplies, and weapons needed in the struggle for survival against the elements.
  • Enjoy hours of sandbox gameplay in which you fight for survival, build up your home, explore new regions and advance your living standards.
  • Go on a quest for epic loot, or stay at home building up farms, factories and other useful structures.